Thursday, 24 May 2018

He really did try!

One of the staff has pointed out that the much later Isaac Asimov, SF author and science writer, reckoned he had produced 300 books, which sounds very hard-core!

Not really trying

The just late Philip Roth is hailed as ‘producing more than 30 books’ in an obituary article. “A mere dabbler,” a writer of my acquaintance said when I mentioned the word-bite.
    The walls of his writing room play host to a pair of banner posters featuring reduced versions of the front covers of the books which he has produced. As his total is 135 (and counting), I am inclined to agree with his observation.

Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Shrinking population

Half of the UK’s adults will be obese by 2045, the experts are shrieking. Which leaves the rest of us unimpressed as the last we heard from these same experts is that 60% of the population is obese right now!

Invent your own

The visible part of the headline on the folded newspaper was ‘In Ermine’. Vermin in Ermine? I thought. Turned out to be Dinosaurs (talking about the House of Frauds). I like my version better.

Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Ouija News?

A looney left Labour MP is getting some stick after claiming that she knows for a fact that Princess Di wouldn’t have approved of the recent Royal/celeb wedding jamboree. But seen in the context of a pathetic cry of: “Notice me, pur-leeeese!”, it certainly seems to have worked.

The real me? Like as if!

The latest piece of earth-shattering social research has found that women tend to use dating websites as a check on their dateability rather than as a means for finding a temporary BF.
    Just knowing that they can create a profile which attracts some interest is enough to make them feel good.

Monday, 21 May 2018

Good grief!

I watched the daftest sciffy film of all time last night. It’s called Asteroid: Final Impact and it came out in 2015. President O’Bummer has cancelled an infrared satellite project, which means that a dark asteroid is about to wipe out life on the Earth.
    Steve, our boffin hero, reckons that shooting 3 lbs of hydrochloric acid at the killer rock using a rocket his kid built will save the world. The rock is about half a mile away when the rocket goes up. Blooch! No more death-rock. It just vanishes. Yeah, right.